About Me

My acquaintances & many colleagues believe that I am a mentor, a natural-born caring person who sees the best in the worst, finds talent in the most untalented people & make use out of it, patiently tamed the inner aggressive creative & bold soul of mine into a path on which I can utterly find success. 

They see me a perfect guy whose personal life is a secret which no one should be aware of & nothing is shown in my face. As Freddie Mercury puts it: “My makeup may be flaking, but my smile, still, stays on”. 
They think of me as a person who has always have his hand on their back while being cool & communicative. 

No hatred is around me as far as I am concerned & being shown. 
They think that I am rich kid with a privilege of studying whatever I wanted, having done whatever I asked wished for & grasped life to the fullest with the whole wealth of the world. 
They believe that I can be their role model, their leader, their influencer. 
They sometimes wait for me to do the hat-trick & take out the rabbit to put the dot at the end of magic sentence. 
But in fact those closer to me knows that I am sometimes like a sun to the Ikarus flying towards me. 
I burn their flames, make them feel annoyed but thoughtful, playing with their rhythm while dictating my own style without their acknowledgment & as a human being, the closer you come, the wetter you get! They see me as a person who quenched his whole energy for the dreams he had, who pursued everything he loved, sometimes gained, sometimes failed, felt responsible for everyone with whom he is working & leap before he looks.

 This definition of others made me a person of interest in the battlefield of life & the John Snow of the winter. I failed, failed & failed again but built the bridge out of those debris, built a lever to move the world in favor of my own & those I care.

 I am the one who makes others’ pains mine & have the introverted version no one sees. My mastery is being the most extroverted person you have ever known, having a photographic memory you can never imagine, connecting the dots in the most unique way of mine & having my own sorrows, grieves & regrets deeply inside.
 Those closer to me admires me for my determination in quitting what has to be quitted & sticking to what I have believed in no matter the consequences.

Notwithstanding the above mentioned facts, deep down inside, I just feel I am an ordinary guy.