from now on

What matters to you the most from now on? 

The moment is now. At this moment you may have many different feelings and emotions or thoughts that vary and are diverse. Also, it might look complex, complicated, or simply look too much. Whatever it is, how many there are, I have lots of questions! Not questioning you, questions to ask from you.

Not questioning you

Questions to ask you

No worries, it is not going to apply more complexity to your life and doesn’t either make things more complicated. It’s a bolt of shooting lightning without a scary sound. To make things clear in a dark room a flash of light is enough: that's your imagination supported by a top-notch supercomputer: Your brain will capture a sharp picture.

I call it “the treasure map”

What does treasure mean to you? Even if you are a pirate, I guess it’s something more valuable than gold. Although gold is precious, we need more valuable things as a side dish or dessert. Have you ever preferred a restaurant for the sake of dessert? Try it, it’s a lot of fun to plan and weirdly make a decision.


ideas and concepts like an article

Mind Scarecrows:
 Fight or Fright?

If you wake up with stress & anxiety, it seems that you might have seen a nightmare about “Mind Scarecrows”; Ugly, terrifying scarecrows built by yourself mentally. You might have built that scarecrow in your mind to get rid of an outrageous, outer pest attacking you! Believe it or not, looking at your self-made scarecrow will be scary for you!This is like reading the inferno & purgatory part of Dante’s “Divine Comedy”. It is interesting to know that Dante named his work ”Comedia” which means comedy in Tuscan back in 1472 & 103 years later, Giovanni Boccaccio added the word “Divina” (Divine) before Comedy. Thus, the Mind Scarecrows are like passing through the inferno & purgatory which is comical yet real.The possibility is that you might pass by “Mind Scarecrows” of others which seems Paradiso to you while they built it of panic; by approaching the scarecrow through their point of view, you might be terrified as much as they are. Does this bring you to the case of a dilemma: Fight or Fright?Now imagine passing by your “Mind Scarecrow” without paying much attention to it; instead of overthinking, you create a distraction for yourself not to face the fear; it’s like blowing a whistle and looking at the sky while passing the straddling scarecrow in a material world when you are just a child. This is exactly similar to pulling a blanket over your face in the wake of darkness.Encountering your scarecrows in your mind looks like being frightened but you can fight your overthinking and panics through fighting; the correlation between adulthood & youthness happens here: it is like passing a material scarecrow. One should be aware of the fact that distortion cannot save you from stress, anxiety & wasting your energy.The point of fighting your “Mind Scarecrows” is to pass your scarecrows while whistling or chanting to overcome your fears & continue your path in life. Sometimes overtaking a scarecrow is as easy as feeding your brain a pie!